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Welcome to Mobile Development and Research Club at Winona State University.
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Below are resouces to get started with, but are still quite limited. If you have any suggestions, contact mdnelson09@winona.edu

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About MDR Club

The primary goal of Mobile Development and Research Club is to provide a community driven workshop for those interested in a wide range mobile development and technologies relating to mobile computing. MDR Club was designed to develop a community of various skilled individuals that will have the ability to work together in a stress free environment to expand their abilities and knowledge of mobile computing as well as strengthen personal skills and work with other students from different disciplines. This is open to interpretation and allows any interested persons to join for a range of different reasons. Lastly, MDR Club builds opportunities to work with Winona State University departments to develop mobile applications and software for specific needs.

Mobile Development and Research was born under the idea that school teaches us how to write the code or sketch up the design, or write the story line, but misses the opportunity to develop this knowledge and found skills into a real life product. MDR Club is a collaboration of many different people coming together under a common goal and/or idea, Mobile development.

MDR also observes the social impact on society and how the adaptation of both human and software are growing together. Here at MDR Club, students who are interested in this field are capable of working with peers to better understand the limitations and overall outcome of these products being developed for the consumer.

Pick a mobile os platform to start with.

  • Dealzmodo
    Details: Check here for free/cheap ios apps.

  • Windows Phone SDK
    Details: Get M$ mobile SDK free. WARNING: it appears that the SDK installs a bridged network connection that messes up wifi adapter.

  • Ubuntu Touch
    Details: Start here if your looking for Ubuntu Touch. Check the devices link to see if your hardware is supported. (Note: Nexus 4,7,10 and S are nativly built by the Ubunut guys).

  • Ubuntu Daily Builds
    Details: Check here for details on the latest Ubuntu OS, This typically includes mobile os info too (will be more relevent down the road).

  • Dealzmodo
    Details: Click the link, save it... Just do it.

  • Full page overlay
    Details: Tut on full screen overlay with HTML. In theory could be used when creating sites (mobile) that require a login first.

  • Shame CSS (Web development)
    Details: Shows some tips on designing websites that may be useful when working with mobile sites.